GOD'S Sabbath Rest

The History of Our World
What Is Eternity?
Yes, GOD Exists
Design Your Perfect GOD
GOD'S Offer To Every Man
Hunger of The Soul For The Bread of Life
Behold The Character of This World
The Holy Bible
Christianity: The First & True Religion
New Christian's Guide To Holiness
The Bible Only Is Holy
New Earth: Capital of The Heavens
"The end from the beginning"
Who is This GOD of Christianity?
Great Stories of The Bible
The Magnificence Of Forgiveness
It's What GOD Says About You
What Is Omniscience?
The Book of Life
The Life of an Angel
The Snares of Satan
Placing Limits On GOD'S Power
Reality of Churchmen Denying Christ's Counsel
The Catholic Church: Then And Today
Are There Any Protestants?
The Corrupt Doctrine of Eternal Hellfire
The Balance Between Faithfulness And Apostasy
The Wakeup Call
GOD'S Judgments Against Sin
Things In Life GOD Never Intended
Halloween: An Acceptable Fear?
America's Closing Journey
Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse
The Three Angels Message
The Laodicean Church
Metamorphosis of Man "in Christ"
Let Nature Teach
"Time & Chance..."
GOD Knows His Own
All You Have Ever Wanted To Be
Atheism's Contribution To Life's Destruction
"Fruits Meet For Repentance"
The Warnings of Christ
Battle of The Bibles
The Struggle of Faith
Our Only Means To Disarm Temptation
Victory Over Sin
Spiritual Fortitude Through Diet
The Contest For Job's Allegiance
Guarding The Avenues Into My Soul
The Book of Enoch: A Fraudulent Document
Slain For Their Faith
Just What Has Jesus Saved Us From?
The Night Christ Was Born
The Advent of "Emmanuel"
The Humility of Love
The Shepherds On The Night Christ Was Born
The Wise Men of The East
Land of Judea When Christ was Born
Mary, Mother of Jesus
The Childhood of Jesus
John The Baptist
The Glorious Name of Jesus Christ
Proof of the LORD Jesus Christ
Christ Repairs the Breach
The Wedding at Cana
The Beatitudes
Little Children
Become as Little Children
Child Discipline
Children's Talents
The Woman Caught in Adultery
The Story of Mary Magdalene
Healing At Bethesda
Those Jesus Delivered From Shame
The Rich Man & Lazarus
Christ's Contrasts
The Parables of Jesus
The Ten Virgins
The Three Trials of Jesus
Passion Week: Palm Sunday
Passion Week: The Fig Tree
Passion Week: Tuesday in The Temple
Passion Week: Wednesday "Hypocrites!"
Passion Week: The Last Supper & Gethsemane
Passion Week: The Cross of Calvary
Passion Week: The Sabbath Observance
Passion Week: Horray! Resurrection Day!
Passion Week: Resurrection Witnesses
Why The Cross?
The Death Jesus Faced
Orthodox Judaism
The Judas Kiss
Why The Jews Rejected Jesus
Death Could Not Hold Him!
The Resurrection
The Faith of Jesus
The Knight In Shining Armour
The Character of our Creator
What Does It Mean To Be A Child Of GOD?
The Forgiveness Provided By Jesus
Prayer As Directed By Jesus
Overcome Evil With Good
The Voice of GOD
The Pure Language of GOD
The Protection of GOD
The Laws of GOD
The Victory of GOD
The Fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70
The Christian's Relationship To Israel
Hang In There
"the fourth day" of Creation
"the fifth day" of Creation
"the sixth day" of Creation
"the seventh day" Rest From Creation's Work
Adam: Our Premier Father
"Am I my brother's keeper?"
Noah The Movie
Giants In The Earth
The Flood
The Story of Job
From Abram To Abraham
Lot's Wife
From Jacob To Israel
The Life of Moses
From Lowly Shepherd to Great Leader
The Sanctuary Service
Judges of Israel
The Story of Gideon
GOD Granted My Petition
The Heroism of King David
Abigail The Godly Wife of David
The Sons of David
Solomon and the Cross
Good Kings of Israel & Judah
ELISHA: The Prophet of Life
JONAH: The Fearful Prophet
Isaiah The Prophet & Earth's Closing Scenes
The True Prophet of GOD
Three Kings Who Loved The Prophet Daniel
Great Women of The Bible
Heaven's Forgiveness
The Story of Peter
From Saul To Paul
Distribution of Talents
Stumbling Over Paul
The Gift To GOD of Prayer
The Angels of Revelation
When The Church Fled From Rome
Unmasking Islam
Hilda The Abbess of Whitby
Genghis Khan
John Wycliffe
The "Renaissance" & The Urbino Bible
William Tyndale
The Great Men of The Reformation
A Great Story of The Reformation
History of the New Testament
KJV Under Siege
Building Blocks of Faith
Bible Illiteracy = Enslaved In Darkness
Discouragement: Satan's Advantage
The Balance GOD Provided To Save His Children
Creation Science Absolutes
Petrified Wood Validates The Bible
Granite Validates The Bible
From Rock To Man
Faith in Creation or Evolution?
Christianity, Atheism, Paganism & The Occult
Godless Atheism vs. Faith "in Christ"
What Atheists and Christians Share
S.E.T.I. vs. The Cross
The History of War & Where it Leads
The Father Of Sin
Know Your Enemy
Sin, Tyranny, and the Devil
Spiritual Nutrition To Defend Against Spiritual Cancer
The Master of Camouflage
Fortune Tellers
Satan's Miracles Deceive the Church
Deceiving Miracles
Charismatic "tongues" & The 2nd Advent
The Three Frogs of Revelation
The Bondage of Superstition
The Common Snares of Spiritualism
After-Death Experiences
The World
Satan's Counterfeit Religions
The Prophecy of Roman Catholicism
History of The Jesuit Order
"Seven Year Tribulation" Exposed
Preparing The Way For The Advent of Christ
The Church: It's Condition Before GOD
The Dishonest Rendering of History
The Ruling Elites of Rome
The Core of Church Apostasy
The Age of Papal Rule
Revelation 13 Commentary
"The False Prophet"
Left Behind
Churchmen Denying Christ's Counsel
Today's Prophecy Gurus Openly Deceive
Religion of Fear & Reward is Worthless
The Role of Personal Taste in Religion
Head Games of Secret Societies
All That is Hidden Will Come To Light
The Heart of Today's Religion
Why So Many Denominations?
Jehovah's Witness: The Arrogance of Ignorance
Why So Many Bible Translations?
Bible Literacy
Prayerful Study of GOD'S Word
The Path of Choice
Liberty Through Understanding
The Heaven-born Desire to Live
Historicist View of Bible Prophecy
Taste The Superior
Bible References To The Perfect GOD
"The fear of the LORD"
For Every Threat There's A Promise
The Universe
The Meaning of the Word, Sabbath
The 4th Commandment
What Might Have Been if Sinners Didn't Rule
The Before And After
Choosing The Superior Over The Inferior
The Two Versions of Love
The Holy Spirit
The Four Themes
GOD: "Bless The Poor in The Land"
As it was Then, So it is Today
The Lottery And The Pool of Bethesda
GOD'S Last Call To His Wayward Children
Heavenly Judgment
The Lesson of Oskar Schindler
Straight Testimony From GOD'S Love Letter To Man
Fact or Fiction?
The First Day
Prophecy of Blessing
The Promise of Return
Only Good News
Love, Like Beauty Can Only Be Demonstrated
Life Is All In The Details
Our History Is Our Future
Creation's Contemplation
The Omniscient Love of GOD the Father
Laws Uplifting the Liberty of Happiness
Subservient Love is GOD'S Law
Stories of Deliverance
GOD Knows His Own
Sometimes Life Brings You Down
A Lesson of Courage
Nutrition And Faith
Rubbish Pawned Off As Personal Growth
The Health Crises In America
The Bible's Best Diet
The Danger of Living in Cities
No Balm In Gilead
Industry vs. The Environment
The Slaughterhouse
The Primary Threat: Man
Carnal Minded Intellectuals
The Power of Sin
Anger Management
Are You Safe Under Your Preacher's Wings?
Jesus Does Not Descend To The Earth
Holding The Four Winds
Await! Await! The Coming of The LORD
Sin's War of Attrition
The Justice of GOD'S Judgments Against Sin
What Are The True Riches?
Living High On The Hog
America's No.1 Social Problem
Love's Perversion
An Important Issue Facing Us Today
Hidden Spirits Behind Gambling
"Wonders Without Number"
"Ever Learning..."
Gay & Lesbian Lifestyles
Marring GOD'S Image In Man
A Mother's Honor
Divorce and Crime
On The Question of Self-Abuse
Man's Relentless War on Love
Co-conspirators To Murder
The World's Reward For Righteous Labor
The Second Amendment
The Fifth Commandment Preserves The Family
Isaiah 29
Faith or Presumption
GOD & Country
Extremes Men Go For Supremacy
Riches of Men
In The Lap of Luxury
The Love That Waxes Cold
From Politics to Religion
Religion & Politics: Let's Cut to the Chase
Democracy In Action
Responsibility: Of GOD And Man
America In Prophecy
America in Peril
Global Warming & The Gospel of Jesus
The Handwriting on the Wall
"Take Heed That No Man Deceive You"
The Parameters of Sin
"The Scale" Principle in Life and Salvation
The Great Depression
"The Beginning of Sorrows"
America: The Sinking of a Nation
The Prophecy of Matthew 24
The Last Time Prophecy: Daniel 8:14
The Prophecy of the Last Temptation
Rabbi Izhak Kaduri: Satan's Pawn For Israel
Israel's Place In Bible Prophecy
A Most Profound Bible Passage
The Coming Event Testing Man's Mettle
The Ten Steps To The 2nd Advent
Why The Earth Must Meet Its End
The Saints Judgment before Christ Comes
Church/State Union in America
Man's Version Of The Commandments
Man's Law or GOD'S Law?
The Voice of Righteousness is The Victor
The Two Competing Governments
The Bible's Clear Instruction
The Meaning of The "Forehead" & The "Hand"
"For the fashion of this world passeth away"
The Seal of GOD
The Coming Famine
What Is It Like To Die?
All Wildlife Will Die
The Reason For Christ's Denunciation of Jews & Christians
The Manner of Jesus' Return
Revelation 16 Commentary
The Day The Earth Flips
Cavalry To The Rescue!
GOD'S People Delivered
Heaven's Homecoming
Family Reunion
Wings of the Saints
New Jerusalem
Millennium and 2nd Resurrection Judgment
The Book of Life
What Does it Mean to Die?
The Definition of Hellfire
The Judgment and New Earth
From Eden Lost To Eden Restored
Prophecies of the New Earth
Prophecy Seminar: Liberty Through Understanding
I. Life's Injustice vs. Human Ideals
II. Methods to Refine our Judgment
III. Can We Prove the Existence of GOD?
IV. Who is GOD?
V. Who am I?
VI. What is Sin?
VII. Who is Satan?
VIII. Satan Perverts GOD'S Most Sacred Warning
IX. Satan's Entrapment
X. How Can I Express My Gratitude to Jesus Christ For His Love and Sacrifice for Me?
XI. What Methods Does GOD Use To Provide Life And Salvation?
XII. How To Understand The Closing Events
XIII. The Simple Remedy
XIV. How Have All The Churches Failed The GOD They Claim To Serve?
XV. The Last Drama of the Controversy
XVI. "The Seal of GOD"
Prophecy Seminar Epilogue
Seminar Appendix
Timeline Charts
Shelter From the Storm
How Many Lost?
History Validates Man's Halfhearted Service to GOD
The Evangelists
Poetry of Salvation
Sacred Principles Paraphrased
Our Place of Worship
The Zenith of Man's Disgrace
Core Beliefs
Author's Testimony
Brief Personal Testimony
Testimony of My Fall & Restoration

  The Answers to Life's Purpose 
 ~fulfilling your fondest hope~

Welcome to your Church on the World Wide Web

       Everything that touches your heart...
        Everything heroic & compassionate...
          Everything of true & lasting value...
            Finds its origin in the Story of Jesus
              To one purpose...

                                                           "...that your joy might be full."  _________________________________________________                                   

       Provided for your study and growth in knowledge are tangible and practical resources bridging human aspirations with the written promises to fulfill each and every one beyond all expectations as recorded in the personal dictations of the GOD of Creation through His servants the prophets and Jesus Christ.  The resources include:


1. Introduction of ten story pages providing an overview of salvation answering the essential questions on the history and destiny of humanity.

2. All materials on this website are usable for personal study and sharing.  Simply highlight the passages of interest, then copy & paste to your word processor for color change, printing and arranging according to your preference. The one caution is to maintain the continuity of the subject under study.


     This World Outreach Church called Commandment Keepers strives to cover every aspect of man's salvation in our fundamentally immoral society. The parameters that allow every blessing of GOD are addressed. And the warnings that withhold the blessings of heaven are likewise included.


     Commandment Keepers Church gives focus to twelve topics of study. Links are provided below to take you to the first in each topic. Once a link is chosen, simply use the navigation bar on the left to scroll through the various pages under each topic.


     If you are new to the Christian faith and would like to take a Bible study course, there is a link below to a sixteen lesson workbook that will walk you through every step to understand precisely where we are at this time in history. After completing the course you will receive a diploma certifying your completion. Simply use the email at the bottom of the page to send the completed Bible verses for each of the studies. The Diploma will be mailed to your address.


     First and foremost is the knowledge of Jesus Christ: Who He is, what He has accomplished, and His promises for the most blessed destiny ever granted to life. After the first twelve introductory pages, the first Theme is “the LORD.” The following links then trace the history of the world from the patriarchs and prophets to the kings of Israel and Judah. The next theme is the history of the church from Christ's day to our day. Subjects include important issues facing our generation and the tools GOD has provided to see us through to eternal safety including the prophecies from our day to "the lake of fire" cleansing of the Earth.




Jesus Christ

Who is This GOD of Christianity?

Patriarchs and Prophets


Kings of Israel & Judah

Good Kings of Israel & Judah

Church History

The Story of Peter

Issues Facing Our Generation

Creation Science Absolutes

The Source of All Affliction

The Father Of Sin

History of Church Apostasy

The Prophecy of Roman Catholicism

Bible Literacy To Receive The Knowledge "As the truth is in Jesus"

Bible Literacy


Nutrition And Faith

The Politics of Pollution

The Danger of Living in Cities

A Crescendo of Desperation Forms Church/State Union

America in Peril

Closing Events of Sinful Men

The Ten Steps To The 2nd Advent

Bible Study Seminar

Bible Prophecy: Your Key To The Future

Preparation And Organization Leading To The End

Timeline Charts



"Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life." Prov.4:13

     The Creator, GOD, Through Whose Command Life Began, has endowed man with every gift to provide his deliverance from the heartache, toil and death of this world. All that humanity has been denied concerning justice, mercy and love, GOD will restore and lavish His treasures upon His children. How do we know this to be so? The Book we call the Holy Bible. Miraculously preserved, the knowledge of GOD'S Redeeming Victory for the human race has been recorded for all who desire to learn. In this Book is recorded every conceivable dream of the human heart, and how each is assured of its perfect fulfillment as evidenced by the many prophecies for the "new earth" that GOD has revealed by His Word. As it is written, "Mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands." "So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My Mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please; and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree: and it shall be to the LORD for a name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off." "Affliction shall not rise up the second time." Isaiah 65:22; 55:11-13; Nahum 1:9.

     Life on Earth today is shackled to a system of government that brings everything to an end. GOD never intended this to be. But freewill beings have taken GOD'S greatest gift next to life, the liberty of choice, to disregard the laws of Utopia, laws we know to be true in our heart and yet war against. As a result, all life is perishing. And without the intervention of our Creator to undo the harm that has been done, none would escape to see the dreams of humanity fulfilled. And the Bible addresses the ethical logic of both our dilemma and our deliverance.

     To accomplish GOD'S work of saving His children from the clutches of sin, He has given every man, woman, and child the right to receive His "free gift" of the Holy Spirit to establish "fulness of joy" and an appreciation of His promises to fulfill human ideals. Throughout history the Holy Spirit has spoken tenderly with "a still, small voice" to the minds and hearts of His children held in the bondage of the misunderstanding and suicidal behavior that rules every government, every industry, and every recreation in our society.

     In addition, GOD'S Holy Spirit has been assigned the responsibility to provide the human race with "the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus." Recorded through the hands of GOD'S faithful servants the prophets, everyone can have access to the only Guide that answers the questions of life's history and destiny in accordance with human ideals. Under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit the Bible's writers span a time from 1,400 B.C. to 100 A.D. From Moses to the Apostle John, these lessons are priceless for the blessing of life: revealing every strength and weakness of human character.

     This One Book has influenced standards of living for every human being on Earth. Its influence on civilization far exceeds that of all other books—combined. It has ignited the greatest movements to deliver man from his struggles, and likewise it has been used to carry out the most heinous crimes to ever be committed, in GOD'S Name. None have been more read, nor cherished—nor misused. Throughout the Dark Ages humble men, women, and children laid down their lives to preserve its pages. They were condemned to the torture, the prison, the galleys, the sword: simply because they shared its message of GOD'S call to repentance from life-destroying sins with the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ (not the church).

     Men were murdered by religious hypocrites simply because they worked to translate the Bible into various languages so that the common man could learn the lessons GOD desires all to learn, for both their earthly and eternal safety. Untold thousands were burned at the stake simply for believing principles of decency and civility that it clarifies. And whole nations have fallen because men have slandered its message and continue to do so. It has inspired every productive foundation of today’s science, medicine, government and family life. Every noble principle of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution: everything from freedom of speech to separation of church and state: all that "is holy, and just, and good" is founded on the words and teachings of Jesus Christ.

     Devout Christians are always diligent to share the nutritional value of this book, not only for our physical health, but to fortify our intellectual and spiritual strength as well. To learn the lessons GOD teaches is a muscle worth exercising. After reviewing the many stories and their morals addressed in Scripture the avid Bible student will have the knowledge to stand through every challenge we face in life, for this is the grand promise of the Holy Bible to all who seek to understand why things are the way they are: "Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail." Isaiah 34:16. Taking these words to heart, all may discover the true meaning between love and hate, friendship and betrayal—courage and cowardice.


     Whether you are of Native American, European, Eastern, Asian or African descent, all of us were provided with an inborn sense of justice, mercy and love. Each was born with a desire to receive and express compassion and hope. These universal traits are as the involuntary functions of the human body: the beating heart and the breathing lungs. Therefore, we had no choice in our inheritance: its character, nor circumstances of our individual lives. In those things where we had no choice we look to GOD for the fulfillment of human needs: needs that this world is incapable of providing.

     It is the goal of Jesus Christ to provide us with brief and concise answers to life’s basic questions in light of our identical nature, needs and expectations. While you are sure to have strengths that I do not, and weaknesses that may not have a hold on me, we, corporately are called by GOD to pool our strengths and lift one another when our weaknesses bring us low. It is this fellowship of believing GOD for a future world without struggle that softens the blow of today’s afflictions. Our faith binds us. Our love unites us. Our Savior will come and redeem us.





     Whether you are of Native American, European, Eastern, Asian or African descent, all of us were provided with an inborn sense of justice, mercy and love.  Each was born with a desire to receive and express compassion and hope. These universal traits are as the involuntary functions of the human body: the beating heart and the breathing lungs. Therefore, we had no choice in our inheritance: its character, nor circumstances of our individual lives. In those things where we had no choice we look to GOD for the fulfillment of human needs: needs that this world is incapable of providing.

      It is the goal of this fellowship to provide you with brief and concise answers to life’s basic questions in light of our identical nature, needs and expectations. While you are sure to have strengths that I do not, and weaknesses that may not have a hold on me, we, corporately are called by GOD to pool our strengths and lift one another when our weaknesses bring us low. It is this fellowship of believing GOD for a future world without struggle that softens the blow of today’s afflictions. Our faith binds us. Our love unites us. Our Savior will come and redeem us




       Commandment Keepers invites every Christian to join the closing work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and establish twelve member groups within your respective country, heralding the titles: Commandment Keepers Kenyan Assembly, British Assemby, Brazilian Assembly, etc.  As the Bible teaches, the redeemed of earth will come from "every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." Rev.14:6. And all will have stood faithful to Christ's Words, "But if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments." Matt.19:17.
       To meet the specific cultural needs of the different peoples of the world, a custom tailored witness is vital for successful evangelism.  While the message of Salvation through the Creator/Christ is universal in its scope, people's cultural affections vary greatly from land to land.  What can bring tears of joy to one group can actually harden the hearts of another.
       To receive this ministry outline click "The Evangelists" below. It contains all the materials needed to succeed in this invaluable type of ministry.
       Two reasons for the need of small church companies at this time in history:
  1. There are six branch ministries, which cover all areas of the closing gospel work, providing each member with an invaluable task.  Teamed up in pairs for each of the branch ministries, none will sit on the sidelines, feeling useless, and where each have equal value to the success of the ministry's work. 
  2. Economic streamlining has become an essential factor in the closing work.  As America and other countries proceed in their place in Bible prophecy a structure of ministry must be in place to carry out the Savior's closing work on the minds and hearts of the people just at the time it is needed the most.  
       This efficient, low cost approach to the closing work will be lavished with GOD'S blessing.  Each of these small church companies will be given an eloquent, persuasive testimony by GOD: to share in the most privileged work on Earth: enlightening the world with His Glory: His redeeming love found in the truth, as the truth is in Jesus:" as Creator of heaven and earth; what He has done: as bearing the punishment for the sins of men; and what He is doing: interceding on behalf of His faithful children who are continuously accused of the devil; and what He will do: deliver His faithful children when He comes again. 
       Through His Presence, Guidance and Intervention, the faith of Bible literate and obedient Christians will swell to a lofty summit, preparing them for the coming of the LORD.  
       Lastly, no tithe is required except to budget your ministry's needs.

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